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How do I remove an old microphone from the dropdown list of microphones in Zoom?



I am trying to get rid of some old mics I am not using anymore and all the names are still appearing in the Microphone drop down list. It's getting confusing. 

Does anyone know how to edit that list of microphones in the Microphone section in the preferences? I accidentally created two virtual mics with almost the same name.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Removing an input device such as a virtual microphone would need to be accomplished at the operating system level. In Windows you might confirm that the application that initially created the virtual microphone can provide you a way to remove it, or if that application has since been uninstalled, then go to the device manager, find the device, and uninstall it.

On a Mac these devices are commonly located in...


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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen


Hi @ZoomTestKitchen  - thanks for the reply. I've looked in those areas and no microphones are listed in the Audio folders. In fact all folders in there are empty.  Zoom finally responded and told me to look in the PreferencePanes folder and of course that's empty too. 


I am having the same issue I have 4 mics always showing up.