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Hide my Self View from everyone


Keynote and PowerPoint have a new live video feature where you can place a window with a live image of the presenter on the slides. So, when screen sharing a presentation in Zoom, the audience can see the presenter incorporated into the slide. The problem is, Zoom still shows the thumbnail of the presenter off to the side for all participants, duplicating the presenter's video. Is there a way to hide the Self View of just the presenter for everyone?

- Not just "hide" Self View because it only hides my image from myself. It's still viewable for everyone else

- Not just "turn off camera" option because PowerPoint and Keynote still need the camera to show my live video during the presentation

- Not just turn off participants' cameras because I want to continue seeing the other participants 


Can I hide my Self View from everyone else while I'm sharing my screen?



I have almost the same question. How not show the presenter's thumbnail while I'm screen-sharing. I don't always want myself in view to others when I'm sharing an image.  Is this at all possible, yet, in Zoom?


I was wondering too if we can see me and several other participants while screen sharing.


I also need to hide the speaker thumbnail during slideshare or, replace the live thumbnail with prepared image. This is because I need to record a screenshare made late at night, in poor lighting levels so the live thumbnail will look awful. Is this possible?