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HELP! Can't get ZOOM in WHOVA without Account ADMIN permission - how to get around?


Dear Community:  I did NOT know I had to ask permission from my university for using WHOVA (web based conference program) and I need to use ZOOM within it.  WHOVA states an Account Admin has to give permission for this university ZOOM to be used, and I"m wondering if I should buy a ZOOM account INDEPENDENT of my university so I can actually do this.  I am incredibly worried about not being able to host this virtual event NEXT TH Sept 16.  This IS my fault as I simply didn't know the permission was required.


Advice?  I'm all ears, because I'm at my ropes end thinking about HOW to do this and not let my attendees down.


My thanks,

Stephanie Watts



Without knowing which University you work for, I couldn't say who to contact, but there must be some IT person you've worked with.  Grab the nearest one you can find (or search IT support on your University website), and ask for help.  I support Zoom for my university, and we're very happy to help with issues like these.  It's much easier to help you before the event than to have you buy an independent account and not be able to support you during the event.