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I'm a zoom account holder and I have different devices in my home. However, my features for the Samsung, Apple, and HP computer are different. Oh and for my devices such as Samsung tablet, iPad, as well as the cell phones. I purchased a HP chromebook for my daughter to do her classes on and some of the classes require her to use zoom. Well here's the problem! I can't click on the settings and view my video or adjust my sounds or anything in the preview session before I turn on my camera. However, I can do it with my Samsung tablet, and Apple devices. I can also do it with my regular HP computer or laptop. My furstration with this is I'm a paying account holder and I expect the same features on all my devices. Zoom really need to fix this if they want to keep paying customers.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @christygreen3 


There are inherent differences across all these brands and devices which makes actually being able to provide the exact same experience and features across them all impossible.