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English selected, but User Interface in another language - how to change?




I'm fairly new to Zoom. Currently not using it on a regular basis, but I could see a need for that to change so I'd like to be able to get this dialed in.


Just had a frustrating experience where neither of the two people in a conversation could hear each other - even though it worked for a few seconds. Video only. I'd like to be able to make sure everything is configured correctly, but the User Interface is in Spanish, which I'm not fluent with, esp. with technological terminology.


In the top right corner "English" (in blue) is selected from the drop-down, but the UI, settings, and menu options are all in Spanish. I'm currently in a Spanish speaking country and using someone's laptop, so I'm guessing that's why.


Is changing the UI, settings, etc. something I can do within Zoom, or is it something I have to do through Windows 10 first? Also is there a good video tutorial for how to configure Zoom? I'm usually okay enough with figuring out what things say, but when I'm in the middle of trying to initiate a meeting and nothing is working the stress makes instant translation a bit more complicated, so if I can watch a video to see what needs to be done before hand things would be clearer for me.