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Enforcing 10 minute wait time before you can re-enter and host a meeting


Why do I have to wait 10 minutes before resuming hosting my meeting? I am unable to re-enter the meeting I was hosting after the 40 minute call limit kicked in. This has happened twice today, in two different meetings, I receive a message  telling me I have to wait 10 minutes before I can resume hosting. Can you verify that this is now what you are officially doing? Are you now forcing people to either purchase a subscription or to look for other free video hosting communication platforms?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @MeganJaneHunter ,


I can confirm that this behavior is not an error message. Zoom is constantly innovating our product offerings and testing ways to support Zoom customers’ many use cases. To avoid a break in between future free basic meetings, upgrade to Zoom One Pro to enjoy the flexibility of hosting unlimited back-to-back meetings with no breaks.


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Zoom Community Team