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Enable Recording For Only 1 User But Disable And Lock For Everyone Else


I'd like to have the meeting recording setting disabled and locked for all users on my account except for 1 specific user (and it's enabled only for him). Is this possible? Can the meeting recording settings be adjusted at the user level?

I played around with the admin Account Management > Account Settings, but could only come up with these configurations:

  • disabled and locked for everyone
  • disabled and unlocked for everyone
  • enabled and locked for everyone
  • enabled and unlocked for everyone 

What I want is:

  • disabled and locked for everyone except 1 user

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You can use Group Policy to help you here.

With the setting enabled/disabled and unlocked, create an 'Everyone' group (Admin -> User Management -> Groups) and either manually migrate all users to this group or automate migration of all/new users.

Disable and lock recording for the 'Everyone' group at the group level.

Create another group, called 'Recording' (or whatever) and manually move the one user who needs recording access to this group. Enable recording at the group level for this exception group only.


Hope this helps!