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Editing an invite


During Covid we have used Zoom to create numerous appointments in a diary.  If someone cancels, rather than deleting the link, I have gone into Zoom and edited the meeting to the new persons name.  This all changes in Zoom and in the diary BUT when the person logs in for the appointment, the notification to tell you that the person has joined the meeting, gives you their name but has the PREVIOUS PERSON's name in TOPIC.  What should I do as I do not want the person seeing the previous person's details.  Do I have to delete all links and don't edit names at all?  When I click on "show meeting invitation", it gives me the new person's name and details - all correct.  It's just when they actually join the meeting that the previous details come up.  This could be a serious data breach for some companies.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @CAJ sorry for the delayed response, but I just wanted to say hey! Do you still experience this problem? If so, I'd love to help! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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