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Disable Participant Unmute Option


Hello -- we have had several uncomfortable instances of participants coming off mute during large meetings, despite having the "mute participants upon entry" setting enabled. Is there another setting that would allow us to completely prevent users from unmuting themselves not only upon entry, but throughout the meeting?


In the past, we have found a setting that allowed us to mute participants throughout the meeting, but it also disabled participants from using the meeting chat. We would like to allow participants to use the chat, but remain muted throughout meetings.



You may need to purchase the webinar feature to accomplish what you want.


I have the same issue at times when we have company wide meetings, so I keep the participant list open so I can quickly mute those who unmute themselves to ask a question, but forget to go back on mute.


Hope this helps

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

As the host of the meeting, you can disable the ability for participants to unmute themselves in the in-meeting Security option. This article can show you where and how to access that option:

I would love for this option to be done outside of the meeting, for it to be unselected by default.