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Desktop Client will not install


I have been trying, without success, to install the Desktop client on my Windows 10 PC.

This had been working well until last night, when the client informed me I needed to update to the latest version.

I tried this, but the installation failed.

Since then I have completely uninstalled the app, downloaded the new version from Zoom site and tried to install again.

The installation fails during the initialisation stage. It never starts the installation itself. The progress bar gets to about 50% and then the initialisation window just disappears. I have tried various things, clearing cache and cookies, turning off account protection, running as administrator but all to no avail.

Has anyone any new ideas that might help me, please?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @stevecarter welcome to the community! Curious, but have you looked into the Knowledge Base article on How to troubleshoot Zoom installation or update issues? I see you've done most of the troubleshooting suggestions within the knowledge base article; however, suggest checking if your device has enough space to install Zoom. If you don't have enough space, suggest freeing up space on your local drive to successfully install Zoom. If that doesn't resolve your issue, can you please verify whether your device is 64bit or 32bit

Zoom Community Moderator

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