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Sharing computer audio on ZOOM Workplace for fitness classes.


I installed ZOOM Workplace yesterday after the old version of ZOOM I had wouldn't load. In that version I was able to use the Share Screen option, choose Advanced, and then Share Computer Audio. I teach a weekly fitness class and need to share my audio with the participants.


I am using the Desktop Client version. I've chatted with a support 'bot', and read through all of the articles suggested. I also went to YouTube to see whether I could find a solution. Everything pointed to using the Share Screen option, but I also looked at sharing computer audio without sharing the screen, but there didn't seem to be a good solution there.


With the new version, I don't seem to have that option as there is no Share Screen icon on the meeting toolbar.


Is there another way to do this on Workplace? If not, is there another version of ZOOM I should install.


Thanks in advance for your help.