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Latest ZOOM update overrides Win11 Taskbar Settings


Running Win11 with all updates installed.

I have my Windows taskbar configured to AutoHide - ie it slides up from the bottom of the screen when the cursor is moved over it.

Since the update to ZOOM v6.x - currently v6.0.0 (37205) - when I have the Workplace window maximised (not in Full Screen mode) the Windows Taskbar does not appear.  It is overridden by ZOOM and stays hidden.  If I take the Workplace window out of Maximised then the Taskbar slides into visibility as normal.

This has only happened since v6.x


I only boot into Win11 to use ZOOM.  My main OS is Linux but the desktop app is crap with regard to support for playing live music on ZOOM, so I dual boot.  Basically my Win11 is a vanilla install with just ZOOM and Firefox installed.


I raised a ticket with Support and they say they cannot duplicate it. 


Has anyone else noticed this behaviour since v6.x?