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Dark Mode for Zoom on Linux


Now that both Windows and Mac have dark mode on Zoom, it would be great if this feature was added to Linux. Please add this feature. My eyes get strained when I'm using Zoom on my Linux PC.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @avro_.

Zoom has a process for handling Feature Requests such as yours. You can use this Zoom web page to enter your feature request for Zoom's consideration: 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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On Windows or macOS, open the Zoom app and click on your Profile icon in the top-right corner, followed by Settings. Go to Theme toward the bottom of the page, then click on Dark. That's it! Zoom is now set to Dark mode.

To set Zoom back to Light mode, follow the same steps, then click on Light next to Dark. If you change your computer's theme often and want Zoom to be in-line with its theme settings, click on Use System Setting instead.


Rachel Gomez

What does that have to do with OP's request to get dark mode on Linux? Dark mode is still unavailable on Linux and it's availability on Mac-OS or Windows is irrelevant.

I know that Zoom has dark mode on Windows and MacOS; I've even mentioned this in my post. I asked dark mode for Linux.  


Dark mode is really needed for Linux. Zoom is amazing, but it's hard to use in linux, when all your other apps support dark mode.


I feel like Linux users are discriminated to some extend by the fact, that Dark Mode feature was released with the exception of Linux. How is this ever possible to offer features like that, leaving substantial portion of app users (those on Linux) suffer from that toxic white background in the application?  @Ray_Harwood  suggested to enter new feature request.. . while Dark Mode feature is already present 🤔  This has nothing to do with new feature request, please fix it missing for Linux version.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @sergiyko.


I get that you're frustrated.  Zoom is a company, and companies spend most of their time and money on larger parts of their market segments. Shares of operating systems, according to Wikipedia, is: Windows at 69%, MacOS at 17%, Chrome at 3.2%, and "desktop Linux" at 2.9%.


Do you want to be heard by Zoom staff?  While there are Zoom staff that help support the Zoom Community, many of us here are volunteers -- customers like you.  To be heard, submit a "feedback" report, which I know the Zoom staff views and tracks.


Submit feature requests and other product feedback according to the process described here:
If you do not see the Give Feedback tab, follow the process indicated to enable the feedback feature on your account.

Enter a Support Ticket here after logging into the Zoom Web Portal:


I appreciate your input here; I'm trying to help you be heard by the right people.


Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Hi All,


If I'm reading this thread correctly, the OP posted their comment on 19/12/2022 & there is still no dark mode for the Linux Client. I have contacted support & am awaiting their reply.

Surely, it can't be too difficult to add a dark mode to the Linux Client? In my opinion, it should have been an original feature of all of the clients.

I would appreciate any information anyone has on this topic.


Thanks & kind regards 🙂