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Cannot Join Before Host to use Host Key


I have a paid basic Zoom account and set up a Recurring meeting with No Waiting Room and Join before Host enabled so assigned Meeting Leader can use the Host Key to start the meeting and manage the meeting when I am not present. My Leaders do not have a paid Zoom account. When they sign in using ID and Passcode, a Message is displayed that the meeting is waiting for the Host to sign in. 

I have double and triple checked my User and Admin settings to insure that I have the Waiting Room disabled and Join before Host (anytime) enabled.  My Leaders are NOT able to Join before Host and use the Host Key. I have to sign in every time and Start the Meeting and make the Meeting Leader "Host" and then I leave the meeting.


Why does this not work? I have the 5.13 version



I'm having the same issue. I see the "Waiting for Host to Start Meeting" screen and I don't see any option to input a host key to start the meeting. Very frustrating.


I'm having same issue except not sure I have set up with "join before host".


I am having the same issue but I cannot find any solutions on the community. Where can I find a solution. 

I have checked all my settings at the account level and the meeting level. How do I get support for this!!!!

Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner

Have you tried following this guide on how to use host key??