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Can't change recording location to local computer.


Mostly a Mac user, but have hosted my licensed Zoom account on Win machines, recording locally. Trying to record a quick app demo on zoom with this newish (2 months) Lenovo running Win11, and I just took the 22h2 update this morning...  


The problem is I can't get the Local Recording settings field ("Store my recording at:) to change.  The field says it's recording location on OneDrive (don't want that), and the path cannot be changed by highlighting /typing over or using "change" button to select another location.  What's odd  is that clicking "open" takes me to the local zoom folder, but it wouldn't record there.


I logged into the website and turned off cloud recording there (which means I probably won't be able to record from the phone), went back to the app - STILL couldn't get the data field to reflect the local folder.


Uninstalled/re-installed Zoom. - STILL couldn't to get the field to reflect the local folder.  

Decided to do a quick test meeting to record, and sure enough - it recorded locally, but the "recording at:" field STILL said it was recording to OneDrive.  And it seems to be recording in both places.


So, unless I keep the zoom folder open on my computer and watch the folder appear when I start recording, how can I be sure I'm recording locally at the beginning, and not find out later it recorded to OneDrive and sounds like a dog's breakfast?







I have the exact same problem.  Meetings are being recorded locally, but also on the cloud.  And I can't change the default location.  More precisely, I can't get a new location to save.