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Camera on - Zoom application is chuggy


Hi everyone

I'm hoping someone can offer some advice.

It is hard to google search this one because when I try to search, it really gives me results with bad internet connections and how to fix Zoom when that happens.

When I have my camera on, the Zoom application itself runs slow. This has only started happening in the last week and I've been using Zoom for 5 years.

I have tried using a different camera.
I have uninstalled Zoom, rebooted the computer and then reinstalled.
I have also gone into the task manager and closed all applications that weren't required.
Then I went and disabled anything that wasn't required from startup and rebooted the computer. 
The problem doesn't go away.

If I have the camera on, it takes about 10 seconds to click a button on the zoom app. It'll take me 10 seconds to drag the zoom window from one part of the screen to another. It just really impacts the program itself while everything else in Windows doesn't seem impacted.

Running windows 10 with the latest patch's
i7 processor
Acer Laptop
SSD drives