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Calendar Integration Problems


Massive new problem, still unresolved.

FACTS: (a) use apple laptop with office365/Outlook; (b) have 3 different email accounts: personal gmail, biz gmail, and biz microsoft exchange (the latter the sign-in for my office365 account); currently use my biz exchange email as my Zoom sign-in email.

THE PAST: have been able to use my biz exchange email as my Zoom log-in account and successfully send email invites via my biz gmail account three Outlook

OBJECTIVES: (a) to use my biz gmail account to SEND out Zoom meeting participants via Outlook; (b) have my meeting integrate into my own Outlook; (c) have my invite email reach my participants with a standard invitation response; and (d) while I may use my biz gmail account in Outlook, I do not want use or want to use google mail online, only Outlook.

CURRENT SITUATION:  Using the desktop app, I can successfully achieve all Objectives but only if I send out invites on my biz exchange email account, which I don't want to do. If I manually change the default email to my biz gmail account (as I have done successfully for 2 years), then the outgoing email fails with an Outlook error message

Using the Outlook Add-On, despite its frequent disappearance, I can actually successfully achieve all Objectives, specifically send out invite email via biz gmail account and have everything work properly through Outlook.


If anybody can help, that would be greatly appreciated. Zoom tech support claims it is a Zoom issue, not my settings issue, appears to be some disfunction between Office365 and Google integration.


Thanks much.