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Breakout room assign participants automatically AND allow participant to choose


We are trying to open breakout rooms in our meetings that are automatically (randomly) assigned, participants are also automatically moved but also allowed to move to a different room. The breakout room settings seem to allow this but it doesn't always work. Participants can leave the breakout room and go back to the main meeting room, but then they only have the option to return to the breakout room that they were originally assigned to.

Is there a bug or are we doing something wrong?



Hi, MordyBoy

Depends on the participant's client application


See below




Managing Breakout Rooms – Zoom Help Center

Thank you for your reply. 

Is there a way to get a report of which client version people are connecting with?  Then we can help them to update.

Hi, MordyBoy


If you are on a Business or Enterprise plan and
If the participants are members of the same account
and the participants are members of the same account, the account administrator can see them in the dashboard.
Guest attendees cannot be viewed from the dashboard for privacy reasons, so the only way to check is to ask the attendees themselves.

The version can be checked from the statistics tab of the client application.