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Breakout capacity limits


The capacity limits for breakout rooms listed here:

Managing breakout rooms – Zoom Support

are about as clear as mud.


What is that chart trying to say?  If I have 500 participants in a meeting (assuming large meeting 500 is active on the account), can those 500 only be broken in to 20 breakout rooms?  Or is it saying 500 participants per breakout room?


It is really not very clear.  The language on that page needs to be made more clear.


The way I read "Maximum number of participants who can be assigned to breakout rooms" is that of the participants in a meeting (even with large meeting add-on) only a max number can be assigned to a certain number of breakout rooms.  By the way it's written, I would take that to mean if I had a meeting with 900 attendees, I could break 500 of them in to 20 breakout rooms.  If that is not actually the case then the information needs to be re-written to more clearly reflect what the intention is.


In-meeting, the Breakout Tools provide zero feedback on if capacities are being hit, it simply doesn't work with zero information as to what is going on.  We had a meeting the other day with just slightly over 200 participants (205 ish), with large meeting capacity set at 500, and when we tried to break in to 32 random groups for five minutes of discussion literally nothing happened when "open rooms" was hit.  No message saying we were not able to push 200+ to that many rooms, nothing.  Very frustrating.


I see no reason why we would have hit any capacities, but am otherwise at a loss at why the function simply ceased to operate.




Am having the same issue - the Zoom support page on this topic isn't clear about the maximum number of people I can put into a breakout room with a 300 attendee meeting license.  If my meeting has 300 participants with two breakout rooms: can each room hold 200 -300 attendees, if all participants decide they want to attend the same breakout session? Ie one breakout room might have 299 people and the other only 1 person. Or will my rooms have a maximum of 200 attendees in this instance also?  Thanks!

Hi there! Did you ever get an answer to your question on this? We are planning to host a meeting with 5 breakout rooms with a 500 attendee meeting license so I need to know the maximum attendee capacity per room... or if there is one. Thanks!


yes, but I haven't tested this, so recommend that you double check.  What I took away from a conversation with our account exec: it is based on the total number of attendees permitted by your license.  So if you have a 300 attendee license, you can have upto 300 attendees in one breakout room and zero attendees in another, irrespective of the number of breakout rooms you set up (within the limits of your license). 

Where the limitation comes in is if you want to pre-assign attendees to rooms: with a 300 person license, you will only be allowed to pre-assign up to 200 attendees.  I didn't ask whether the remaining 100 can then get moved into a breakout room after they join the meeting.

Ok thank you so much for the info! 


Having the exact same question. It's unclear the capacity limit is per breakout room or across all breakout rooms in total