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Bluetooth headset switch to HFP profile on linux zoom-


I was a happy user of zoom on linux for past years. However with some recent update zoom no longer collaborates with pipewire/wireplumber to allow the automated switch of my headset mode from A2DP to HFP.


Instead of opening the recording stream and letting the linux sound server do its magic of switching the profile, zoom tries to enumerate the available mic devices (and finds none,  as the headset is still in the A2DP mode - i.e. no mic in the configuration) and zoom seems never to open the input stream (I can't see any Source Output in pactl list).

I tested this with 2 my headsets (Sony WH-1000XM4 and OpenComm by Shokz) and got identical results.

Other videoconf solutions (including the browser-based) work w/o issues.


I do have "ZOOM VoiceEngine" in the pipewire bluetooth policy exception list:

bluetooth_policy.policy = {
-- Whether to store state on the filesystem.
["use-persistent-storage"] = true,

-- Whether to use headset profile in the presence of an input stream.
["media-role.use-headset-profile"] = true,

-- Application names correspond to in stream properties.
-- Applications which do not set media.role but which should be considered
-- for role based profile switching can be specified here.
["media-role.applications"] = {
"Firefox", "Chromium input", "Google Chrome input", "Brave input",
"Microsoft Edge input", "Vivaldi input", "ZOOM VoiceEngine",
"Telegram Desktop", "telegram-desktop", "linphone", "Mumble",
"WEBRTC VoiceEngine", "Skype", "Firefox Developer Edition", "virt-manager", "Virt Viewer"


However, when I induce the headset autoswitch by starting and skype test call for example, zoom reconnects to the bluetooth mic immediately and stays connected until I leave the call.


I'm happy to provide any debugging to make this functionality working again.

The best way to achieve it - is to set the media.role = Communication on the recording stream.



The same here (Headset is Sony WH-1000XM4) - endless trouble with mic, speaker works fine. In which file did you put the bluetooth exception list?