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Automatic Recording is Not Working


When setting up all my meeting, I turn on automatically recording to my computer.  In the the last 5 (or more) sessions, the automatic recording has not worked.  If I remember, I can turn it on during the live session, but would really like not to have to remember when I am live.  Please advise.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @kkschell, are you recording locally or to the Cloud? If locally, I would ensure that the destination for local recordings is still available or directed correctly. If recording to the cloud, I would ensure you still have space in the cloud for recordings. 


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I have this exact same problem, and it kicked off sometime in November or December 2021.  I.e. *before* that time all of my Meeting Room meetings were automatically recorded to the cloud.  Since then, *none* of them have been recorded.


I can replicate the problem now every time... prefernce is set to "Automatic Recording: On", but *no* recording is made!