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Audio looping after Monterey OS update


I am getting a short  ~1/2 second audio loop sporadically coming on calls well after they start.



Recently upgraded to Monterey OS on a new M1 chip MacBook Pro

Audio looping is only audible on the other end of the zoom call (not on my end)

This has occurred 3 times in the past week.  Twice with a user who was in a zoom room at our company.  Once with an individual using his laptop and headphones.

In all instances, this occurs well into the meeting. 20-40 minutes


Any others experienced this?  Would seem to be a software artifact rather than hardware since it is not present at the start of the meetings. 



I've had 2 instances personally in the last 3 months of the same issue.  Once on Big Sur and once on Monterey. The hardware is an M1 based MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020).


List of observations:


  • The audio begins looping about 20-40 minutes into a meet.
  • It is not apparent to the presenter. As in - the presenter's audio starts looping and this is quite obvious to everyone else in the meeting but not to the presenter.
  • The audio loop interval itself is about 3-5 seconds.
  • Restarting Zoom does not help. The audio loop stops when the presenter leaves the meeting but carries on exactly as before when they rejoin the meet.
  • Logging in and out of the macOS session does not help. The audio loop stops when the presenter leaves the meeting but carries on exactly as before when they log in again and rejoin the meet.
  • The only remedy is a complete restart of the machine.

This qualifies as a significant problem when it occurs given its clearly disruptive nature and it would be good to get to the bottom of this. 


What is the route to a resolution for this kind of issue ?




I just updated my Mac Book Pro mid-2015 to Monterrey 2 days ago and now the issue is happening in a daily basis. 


  • I am using headphones and suddenly sound and mic are down
  • Happens after a blurry and intermittent audio quality (20 minutes until the sound is off)
  • I have to connect and disconnect my AirPods to get audio and mic on 
  • With the system mic and speakers, there is no problem only while using Bluetooth headphones or AirPods.
  • It doesn't happen with any other app. 

Please I would like to know  a solution for this issue,





I have had the same problem, daily for the last few days. One additional twist is that, after having trouble on one call, I closed (at least the call in) Zoom and switched to FaceTime, and the problem continued - the same loop that had started in Zoom. Also: muting in Zoom stops the loop for call participants.


Found a solution.


Turns out Logitech is aware of this problem and issued a firmware update intended to address the issue, but it doesn't seem to work.  They did suggest that the USB hub I was using could be the source.  Seemed unlikely since I'd had the same set up through all of COVID lockdown and 1000s of zooms with no problem. However the problem did arise when I upgraded to an M1 chip MacBook pro.


The solution turned out to be simply getting a USB-C to USB-C cable and routing the Brio camera directly.  Problem solved. Not ideal as it's one more thing to plug in, but it seems to work.  Good luck!


My only solution so far is unplugging  the usbC camera/mic and plugging back in ... but problem is recreated in 20-40 mins



I think that a common theme for the audio looping problem seems to be the use of an external camera ? I can confirm that I have not had the problem at all without the external camera on 3 different Macbook Pro M1s that I've tried. The problem manifests on all 3 eventually when an external camera is connected. The mitigation for me is always the same: A full power cycle. Nothing else works!


Quite catastrophic for public facing presentations (that's where its hit me more than once!).


Any pointers appreciated!


I can confirm that the fix is to connect the Logitech camera to the Mac using a USB C to USB C cable.  This was acknowledged by Logitech support.