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Assigning a Cohost


I have a meeting set up and sent out with the Zoom details to the participants. However, I  would like to assign a cohost since I will not be attending. I have since added the co-hosting duties to the participant. How can I be certain that the role has been assigned?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Vivienne You can't assign a co-host before the meeting, but you can assign an alternative host. As long as this user is on the same account and has a license, you can add them to the meeting. 

You can check this by logging into your Zoom web portal and click on the "Meetings" tab. From here click on the meeting you scheduled and see if they are the alternative host. If not, you can click on edit and add this user in the "Options" section. 
Reference: Designating-an-alternative-host 
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