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Annotation Text not showing to participants whilst writing


When in a meeting and screen sharing, the text annotations are not showing to participants whilst the host is writing only when the writing is finished and you click away from the text box.. It was working up until a day or so ago and suddenly changed. I have run the update and turned on annotation in the account settings but it doesn't seem to show unless I click away from the text which makes collaborative writing tricky. Although, the 'draw' annotations show up,  the 'text' annotations don't. Would appreciate some support/quick fix please?



While I don't have a fix, I use annotation a lot. Here is what I've discovered: Whoever is sharing the screen can annotate and see the text as you're typing. 
If you are not sharing the screen, your annotation only appears after you've clicked out of the text box. 

Host/Cohost doesn't matter, it's the person who is sharing the material on the screen. 

Thanks Megaan. It strange as it used to work whilst I was typing and didn’t need to click out of the text box so participants could copy notes whilst I was typing them but now they need to write once I’ve finished which takes much longer and doesn’t serve my purpose well.

Welcome to other suggestions?  


Hello friends! Thanks for the tips you posted in the comments. The issues you describe are so relevant and I am encouraged that I am not alone in facing them. Your ideas for overcoming writer's block by establishing a routine and setting realistic goals are greatly appreciated. I especially appreciate your suggestion of free writing as a way to unleash creativity and silence your inner critic. But I would like to add that sometimes the best way to get quality content is to use an online service where you can order such work. But, the advice to accept imperfection and revisit it later is also a great reminder. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips and encouraging fellow writers. I feel inspired to overcome my writing hurdles and continue to hone my craft.


One of my colleagues has the exact same problem: while sharing her screen, text box content doesn't show until she clicks out of it. It was working just fine before. Any suggestions?



Seems like no solutions have been provided unfortunately 😞


I experience it today, August 11. Zoom, please resolve


thanks for information!