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40 minute time limit for Zoom Pro user?


Hi there,

I have a Zoom Pro account. I am due to deliver training to a group via Zoom next week. Today I was practicing delivery on my own on Zoom but got the message "your meeting ended as it was idle after 40 minutes". Why is this and is there any danger that it will happen next week during my training session? Thank you, Lorraine Shine



Hi @lorraine_shine 


This may be because, although you purchased a Pro license in your account, you have not assigned that license to your personal profile.


Because you can have multiple users in your account, Zoom does not make an assumption which user you may want to assign that license to.


You need to assign it to yourself. 


Go here and "Edit" your own profile. You should be able to set your license type there with the license you have purchased.


Hope this helps.





Hi Rupert,

Thank you very much for this. I have checked and the pro license is correctly assigned to my own profile.  At least I know that all is ok with this!

All the best, Lorraine


Community Champion

The reason and explanation is right there in the message. Your meeting was idle for 40 minutes, so Zoom closed it automatically. As long as there are others in the session, you will not have the issue. 

Thank you Bort. I did not think that the meeting was idle as I was using different functions such as sharing documents, setting up breakout rooms etc. However as you say maybe the issue is that there was only 1 participant (me) and so the meeting timed out. I really do hope that it is the case that as long as there are others in the session the issue will not occur! Thanks again for your help 🙂