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Issue with Jwt app api key and secret key for Word press Tutor LMS integration


Dear Team,


This is Paritosh Shah, Head of Marketing dept in an online EdTech firm. Our platform allows instructors to schedule classes on zoom and for that We use Zoom jwt api key and secret key for each instructor to be mapped with our Tutor LMS pro of wordpress.

But as all instructors are mapped under our pro account as members, they are now not able to generate their individual api keys from market place and due to which they are not able to schedule meetings from our platform.

How to resolve this as we need individual api keys to map those accounts with our platform.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Welcome to the Zoom Community.  Unfortunately, Tutor LMS did not work with Zoom for developing their application, and the design to use the JWT token breaks our security rules since you are essentially giving a 3rd party full access to your account.  In order to resolve this, you should work with the Tutor LMS developers to modify their code to use OAuth, and ask them to submit their application to the Zoom Marketplace for approvals and posting to our site.


If you find any integrations for Zoom outside of the Zoom Marketplace, you should consider them unauthorized and a potential security risk.