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Automated captions in French (or any other language than English)?




Sommaire en Français : Nous voulons les transcriptions automatisées en Français pour des raisons d'accessibilité.


Are there any plans for the automated live transcriptions (or even for recordings) to be available in other languages than English? The integration works really well when the spoken language is English, but we can't use it in our French language University. Accessibility is a major concern for us. 


Also, not to put any pressure on, but MS Teams is about to release live transcription in French soon, so it makes it hard for us to recommend Zoom over MS Teams to our 50K+ user base.



Yes there are plans, announced at Zoomtopia yesterday.  Should be available by end of this year.

Any chance they were going to try and include bilingual/multilingual captioning for courses where two or more languages are spoken? It's such a pain to auto-caption in English and correct for Spanish.. or vice versa.

-- Scott

Agreed. An auto-detect process would be awesome. We could basically set the spoken languages while planning the meeting so that the transcription service could switch back and forth, or at least do it on the recording.

I would be in Academic BLISS if that were to happen!

-- Scott