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sharing multiple screens, or a splitted screen


Hi, I need to share multiple screens with multiple clients for my webinars. Actually I send mainly texts in 3 or 4 languages, and I would like my clients to choose themselves which language they want, and make them seeing only 1 language and not pages with 4 languages together. Is it realistic to make possible to split the screen to be shared, for instance in boxes of texts, giving a number to each box and making the clients choose the box n. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc? Is there a smart guy who can imagine how to achieve this goal? Would be a turning point for my job. Thanks for the attention!



To share multiple screens or a split screen during a Zoom meeting, you can follow these steps:

Start a Zoom meeting on your desktop or mobile device.

Click on the "Share Screen" button located at the bottom of the meeting controls.

In the "Select a window or screen to share" window, select the "Multiple participants can share simultaneously" option at the top of the window.

Select the screens or applications that you want to share by clicking on the checkboxes next to their names.

If you want to share a split screen, select the "Share screen" option in the Zoom meeting controls.

In the "Select a window or screen to share" window, select the screen that you want to share.

Click on the "Share" button to start sharing the selected screens or applications.

To stop sharing the screens or applications, click on the "Stop Share" button located at the top of the screen.