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Why is my on zoom event limiting access to us users


Hey, how are you? I am going to host an on zoom event, an online workshop. And I have someone that is interested in attending. This person is in canada, and when I go to my onzoom event page, it says that people who join are limited to the united states. But this is when I choose the type of event to be paid. One, why am I limited to just selling tickets in the united states, when you guys have lists of countries that can come to an onzoom event according to my research. Does it have to do with, my payment portal that I am using, which is stripe? Also, can I just create a new free ticket type under my paid event, and just manually bill the person and send them a free invite. Will this allow them to enter. Please help I am paying for this service, and not able to serve my customers. 



Start events
Sign in to Zoom Events.
In the navigation menu, click My Events.
Click the Upcoming tab.
To the right of the event you want to start, click Start (for recurring series events) or Join Lobby (for multiple sessions events). After you click Join Lobby, click the Sessions tab.




Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Hi @AtlasOpia! Thanks for asking your question to the Zoom Community.


OnZoom is limited to hosts and attendees in the United States, per this Zoom support article:


Zoom Events (which is a separate product), is generally available globally, per this Zoom support article: 


Hopefully that helps to clarify your answer as to why the person based in Canada cannot attend your online workshop.