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Webinar - the attendees should be anonymous and not be able to see list of other participan


Hello everyone, I need to host a webinar for a bidding prrocess and attendees need to be anonymous and not be able to see the list of other participants. Is this possible with Zoom webinar? IF so, ca you pelase explain how?


Thank you


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Busque that is basically how Webinar works, by default the attendees won’t see each other. They can communicate to you via Q&A or chat and this can be controlled to ensure they only communicate to hosts/panelists .etc


- If they ask questions through the Q&A feature you can answer them privately and you can also ensure they cannot view the questions from others.

- You can also configure webinar chat so attendees can only chat to hosts/panelists. Or you can just disable webinar chat completely.