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Understanding Attendee Reports


We're doing some online training via webinar.  Afterwards, looking at the Attendee reports, there are several attendees whose "Approval Status" says Denied, even though they were in attendance for the full session.  Can a denied registrant still attend a webinnar?  To what does this field refer?  Were they in the "foyer" waiting for admittance for the full 2 hours?



Hi @DonaldC 


If by "in the foyer waiting for admittance" you mean the in the Waiting Room, that would not make sense - as Webinar does not have a Waiting Room.


"Admitting" someone from the Waiting Room (in a Meeting) is very different to Approving or Denying their registrations (Meeting or Webinar).


Could your attendees, whose registrations were denied, have registered twice - a second time that was approved?


Were you actually requiring registration, and approving/denying registrations manually?