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Same name displayed multiple times during webinars




For my organization, I set up webinars. Of course, I send the invite containing the registration link to the internal targeted audience. During the event, I noticed that the some names appear repeatedly, one of which appeared even 17 times. Usually we encourage the audience to cascade the invite.


I understand from a previous post that "each participant should use the meeting link that they will receive on their email after they register on your meeting and not share the meeting link" and honestly I think this is happening already. Only the registration link is cascaded, and not the meeting link received afterwards.


Moreover, the Zoom support contact we have for our company said that those repeated names should be taken into account only once, as it is just a displaying error of Zoom, thus when building my reports I should consider only the unique viewers, and not the total users. 



Is there any kind of solution to prevent displaying the same name multiple times? How do I know for sure how many participants were in my webinar? When sending the invite, should I warn the audience of something? 


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Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Alexandra.


I seriously doubt that that is a display error but if it is, it should be reported to the technical support at Zoom. You can find how to reach them, here: 


But I think what you are experiencing is quite normal. There is a distinction between viewers and unique users; a viewer name can be shown multiple times due to several reasons. For example, if they joined one time, had bad internet connection and they kept dropping and rejoining the session. Or in another, if they joined from multiple devices (for example, a panelist might want to use a computer for video, but prefers using a phone for audio). 

If these users share a similar ID or login, they will be counted only as 1 unique viewer.


You can find information about reports in Zoom in this document:


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We had this same issue happen today.  How do we match up the email addresses tied to the people who's name were repeated/were incorrect?