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Recording a host program feed


Does anyone have any ideas on how to record a complete program feed from a Zoom webinar?


I'll elaborate- When screen sharing, only the shared screen and a SINGLE small video tile of the person speaking are recorded on the cloud "Shared screen with gallery view."  This proves difficult when we want to capture a speaker + an ASL interpreterthe shared screen altogether in the recording.


Yes, we can record the iso- gallery view, which records all the video tiles with their video on, even when there's a shared screen, but this involves post production editing after the event to piece them together.


Using a third party screen capture app seems like the only way currently to record a one a done program feed.


Any other thoughts and ideas are much appreciated.



I don't have an answer beyond the 3rd party screen capture you mentioned, but as an idea for the Zoom engineers: Zoom already has a setting where it records everyone's audio feeds separately.  I wonder if they could incorporate a setting that records everyone's video feeds separately either in the cloud or on their local machines.


I've found that recordings work better when NOT using iCloud.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



When it comes to recordings, I find it helps to think of it this way:

Cloud recording will record from the perspective of a viewer. So if you have it sent to record all the views separately, someone viewing the cloud recording can actually switch back and forth between speaker view and gallery view. This is done at the bottom right of options on the shared screen portion of the recording.


Local recording will record from the perspective of the person recording. So, for example, if you switch back and forth between speaker and gallery, the recording will show that. It will not allow the person viewing the recording to select their preferred view.


Just wanted to provide some additional information on recordings. Hope this helps -- thank you!


Great feedback, vescamilla ... thanks!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Actually, I like having BOTH the Cloud and Local recordings... which unfortunately requires either two logins or having someone else do both.  Here's why:


As some have observed, you can check an option when recording locally to record separate audio files for each participant.  This comes in handy when there is noise from participants other than the main speaker.

Screenshot 2021-08-28 205338-Zoom-LocalRecordingOptions.jpg



But on the Cloud recording, you can set the options to record several video feeds:

Screenshot 2021-08-28 204733-Zoom-AllCloudRecordOptions.jpg

Now you have multiple views of MP4 files to work with (I'm using Premiere Pro for editing).  The downside of this is that it generates a LOT of HUGE files... you need to download them every day, and "delete" them so Zoom doesn't bark at you for over-using your quota.


This multiple-set of videos is good... but not perfect.  There are technical ways to grab specific people, but as someone else mentioned, it typically requires additional hardware/software to do.


I highly recommend trying the various options, doing some recordings, and examining the resulting files to see what's really there.  Note: When testing, remember that Zoom video display and recording works differently when there is just you or just you and 1 other person, as compared to "at least 3 or more people".  Always have at least 3 logins going when testing (It can be you on 3 different devices... PC, iPhone, iPad).



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