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Participant controls changed and video setting lost


I joined an AbilityNet webinar today - seeing someone else's desktop and the presenters gallery only was shown.

I could see the presenters, and presenter's slides & audio were fine.


The usual participant control toolbar was different:

 No video on/off feature - saw "Audio settings" in the bottom left hand corner only, followed by Chat / Raise hand / Q&A /  Closed Caption

No participants were visible in the gallery view.

The chat feature was disabled.


How do I get to see my own picture and / or those of any attendees ?

How can the chat facility be re-enabled ?


Hovering over the screen with my mouse didn't reveal any other options.


Thank you.



Hi Speedy, in Zoom Webinars, only panelist/presenter videos are visible.  Participant video is never seen in a webinar.  The attendee controls you're talking about are only available in Zoom Meetings, where participants can mute/unmute and turn video on or off. 

The Webinar host controls the chat option - they can turn on or off the setting as they desire.  In this case it sounds like the host disabled the chat feature so that attendees couldn't chat. Hope this helps!