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My first survey


I've started a weekly group meeting and am wondering how to schedule my survey to pop up at the end of the meeting for participants to fill in... 

It says go to surveys - survey options - edit - select show in the browser when the meeting ends


But this option is not available - I can't find SURVEY OPTIONS to progress any further. Any tips gratefully received! Thanks, Marimba 


How to use survey options

To control how participants receive the survey when the meeting ends:

  1. Sign in to the 
  2. Click the Meetings tab.
  3. Click the name of the meeting you want to edit the survey settings for.
  4. Click the Survey tab.
  5. Next to Survey Options, click Edit.
  6. Select Show in the browser when the meeting ends.
  7. Click Save.

To preview how the survey will look to participants, click Preview on the right side of the page.