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Conference recordings using tracks


Hi Zoom Community,

I am setting up training sessions using zoom conference. I would like recordings to be available only to people who registered for that particular session for 7 days. I have used tracks to align with sessions and tickets.

  • can this be done or does everyone see all recordings?
  • can I see in reports who viewed to the recording and for how long?
  • while I want complimentary access to recordings to drop for registrants after 7 days I don’t want them to delete from my account in  case I need to reference them going forward 
  • do I set end dates on the sessions or does conference automatically know when the session is completed so it will send recording email out to attendees NOTE; conference sessions go over many months



  • I have a business account. How do I get a real person to engage with me for approx 15-30mins our sales guy has gone radio silent.

thanks in advance,