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Zoom College Classes Taught Coast to Coast


Can a college class being taught over my college's zoom platform be transmitted from the east coast to students residing on the west coast in  "real time"-live-- with no delays in the transmission of the audio or video signals. I am concerned with my genetics lectures being disrupted due to cross country transmission delays. For example a student sends in a chat and I don't see it  until 1 minute later. Or a student uses their microphone to ask a question but because of the 2500 mile distance between east and west coast, I don't hear the question until 30 seconds later etc... Also don't know if a University's license with zoom llc  restricts how far away broadcast can occur. Usually I would teach students in my same state for example Miami or Orlando, but I have never taught someone in San Diego ..broadcasting from Florida over zoom Don't know the technical aspects of this,  but I wanted to make sure, before I sign a contract with my university to do it and find out there will be problems. Any help would be appreciated.. Michael Thornton PhD....Tallahassee.