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SSO login on mobile device looping :(




I work full time at a community college and am also a transfer student taking classes at my jc as well as CSU Stanislaus. I am stuck in a very weird loop where I am unable to log in to attend my CSU university lectures on my mobile device- I can only successfully do so on my laptop. When I try to log in using my csustan credentials, it endlessly loops me through their SSO (Duo Push), then back to the university log in, then back to zoom log in, over and over again. I have frequently tried to use the "remember me for one day" checkbox option on the SSO but it never remembers my devices, ever, and completely prevents me from logging in. It would be so helpful to be able to use my zoom app on my phone so I can work and move around while attending my lecture,  but the office of technology says this is a zoom support issue and they're not sure how to help me. I mentioned this to my digital media professor here at my jc and she says she is experiencing the exact same thing as she is affiliated with multiple institutions. Can anyone recommend a solution for people who belong to multiple institutions? Thanks!