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ZOOM ED...Using Elmo OX-1 Document Camera & EIT-Elmo Interactive Toolbox


I'm setting up an Elmo OX-1 Document Camera & EIT-Elmo Interactive Toolbox  environment for virtual or online Zoom Tutoring.  I wanted to avoid "reinventing the wheel" if an Educator within the community has already done this. 
*  Pro/Con#1... I found was that ZOOM doesn't mention ELMO  products in it's Knowledgebase...???  Within the ED Profession, ELMO was one of the first companies to introduce document projectors and digital (USB) versions like the OX-1.  Given this, I'm assuming no one in the Community has been a Pioneer with this (look for the arrows in the back).

*  Pro/Con#2... I explored MS-Teams for this application, but found that the OX-1 projects the image "up-side-down" on my PC and seems to project OK to the Beta-Tester.  This is very annoying... try visualizing your whiteboard presentation as it is being mirrored up-side-down.

*  Pro/Con#3... Zoom-&-Elmo has a simple solution for this (unclick mirroring) >> couldn't find a similar solution with MS-Teams, so I abandoned it.


Anyone else with similar experience or other Best Practices... I would like to know to avoid issues like above.


@WMGaynor at Go2College


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Zoom Moderator

Hey @WMGaynor, I came across this some information vides from ELMO USA on Remote Teaching Using Zoom and the ELMO OX 1 here or Using an ELMO Document Camera in an Online Meeting here

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Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!


 Hello  , that is great information , I am try to use  The Elmo  to connect with  Zoom  meeting  , when i do my presentation

                 and  write on the paper  ,  can it done ?