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Tired of toggling? How you can save time with these chat and phone integrations

Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee



By now you’ve probably heard of the toggle tax — the time and cost wasted by switching between apps to get work done.


If you’re using different apps to get work done, you’re likely paying a toggle tax. And this tax doesn’t come due just once a year — when you have to constantly jump between a mix of solutions to get your work done, your productivity suffers on a daily basis.


Finding ways to bring all of your workflows into one place where you can focus on getting your work done can help save time and money.

The good news: the Zoom platform integrates with dozens of popular service providers, so you not only get a (toggle) tax break — you can also unearth new ways to help make your work more efficient.


Streamline connections with voice communication integrations

Voice communications are evergreen — they have been a cornerstone of the workplace for decades and are now key to unlocking the agility needed to enable hybrid work. While phone solutions often come with a standard set of features — many designed to enable flexible communications — you can extend their impact with relevant integrations that can help you build connections from one place.


Zoom Phone connects with business-critical applications from leading providers, all of which are designed to bring your everyday workflows right into our phone experience (or vice versa). Forget hopping between your phone and computer to jot down important customer information, or chatting someone to ask for five minutes so you can switch from one app to another to get the right information. These three recommendations can help you build connections over our phone solution without skipping a beat:


  1. Put the power of a fax machine where you need it: The FaxSIPit integration (NEW!) brings fax machine capabilities directly into the Zoom platform. This Zoom App lets you send and receive faxes via Zoom Phone (and Zoom Meetings), so you can jump between communication methods in one place.
  2. Deploy CRM integrations to avoid slowing down cycles: From integrations like Zendesk to Salesforce to Service Now, use Zoom Phone in your native CRM environment to simplify tasks, keep better track of customer conversations, and get quick access to essential information.
  3. Make compliance part of the process: When you work in highly regulated industries, like financial services, you need compliance built into your workflows so you don’t have to worry about dropping the ball. Zoom Phone integrations like Theta Lake, Nice, Global Relay, and more help bring necessary archiving and data loss prevention functions into your voice calls, voicemails, and SMS messages so you can support compliance without compromising experience.


Make the most of chat with these apps

A chat product should be the glue that holds the pieces of a communications platform together, connecting the tools you need in one centralized space so you can share and organize important information. That’s how we approach things at Zoom — Zoom Team Chat serves as a collaboration hub that unifies meetings, mail and calendar, phone, whiteboard, and more in one centralized client. It can also bring many of your favorite work applications right into the Zoom client.


Zoom Team Chat is integrated into the Zoom platform to enable continuity across your communication channels, and the same goes for its integrations. So many Zoom Team Chat integrations are designed to create that same sense of continuity, making chat a single source of truth not just across Zoom solutions, but also the broader workplace collaboration space. There are a few ways to leverage these integrations to stay on top of things:


  1. Manage high-priority projects and stay productive: Whether you’re using Jira, Asana, Confluence, or Trello to stay on top of tasks, you can add their integrations to get notifications, keep organized, and track projects directly in Zoom Team Chat. So you can spend less time tracking down information and have more time to get work done.
  2. Keep customer information up to date: When you’re building relationships with customers, you need to pay attention to detail. Integrations like Salesforce for Team Chat and Microsoft Dynamics bring record updates right into Zoom Team Chat, so you don’t have to switch back and forth to update and manage virtual customer details.
  3. Share important info and docs: Take notes or store documents in Google Drive or Evernote? Now you can do the same thing, right in Zoom Team Chat. With these integrations, you can quickly jot down, store, and send information all in one place, so important details don’t slip through the cracks. And for you Microsoft users, stay tuned: there’s a OneDrive integration coming soon.*


*Support for Microsoft OneDrive is currently in beta.


Get time back with the right integrations

Your workday may require you to use a variety of solutions — that’s unavoidable. But you have control over how you use those applications, and the right integrations can ultimately help make your workday work better for you. Consolidating your workflows in the Zoom platform can help you keep better track of important information, increase productivity, and make more time for what matters.


To discover the apps and integrations that can help you never skip a beat, visit the Zoom App Marketplace.



Taken from Zoom Blog. Original post can be seen HERE.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

A true life-saver! Thanks for sharing this 😍

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Great read, @rome810 ! Zoom has lots of integrations that help us access everything we need to connect and collaborate in one place. These make us work efficiently and seamlessly!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @rome810.  Good stuff there! I’m going to give FaxSIPit a try. 

I’ve been trying to integrate the Incoming Webhook App into Team Chat and feed it with a non-published Webhook App in the Developer area. Unfortunately, I can’t get a regular Webhook app to “Verify” a connection to the Incoming Webhook App. Where can I go for some assistance?  This specific easy (no programming required!) linkage will help keep me informed about activities I want to know about in a timely manner. 


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Please click Accept As Solution if this helped you !

Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

@Ray_Harwood if you haven't tried yet, the Zoom Support site might be a good place to start. You can also try engaging via a support ticket if you Submit a request.




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