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Streamlining Wealth Management: Anthony Ching's Success Story


Anthony Ching, the IT Team Leader at Money Concepts Capital, has always been at the forefront of technological advancements within his company. With over a thousand employees nationwide, Money Concepts Capital serves clients seeking to invest and manage their wealth effectively.


Before integrating FaxSIPit and Zoom Phone into their systems, Money Concepts Capital faced significant challenges with phone connectivity and maintaining their phone and fax platforms. They had to rely on third-party specialists to troubleshoot ongoing issues, resulting in wasted time and money. Moreover, the complexity of configuring IP phones and mobile devices meant that only these specialists could handle such tasks.


The introduction of FaxSIPit and Zoom Phone revolutionized the company's operations. Anthony found that these solutions not only saved them valuable time but also provided hassle-free connectivity. With FaxSIPit, compliance was assured, and the platform's reliability meant no more fax frustrations!


The biggest benefit, according to Anthony, was the ease of use and maintenance. Gone were the days of wrestling with complicated phone systems. Now, the IT team could focus on strategic initiatives rather than firefighting technical issues.


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Is this good for small businesses?

Hi Daisy - yes FaxSIPit is available for a single fax line all the way to enterprise scale accounts