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Original Sound Settings Changing after Update


We are a church and we use two different microphones for live music and speaking.   We use Original Sound ON as a default setting, however after a Zoom update last weekend our Original sound setting flips to OFF each time we change microphones.  How can we set Original Sound to ON at all times? 



Most users don't use this setting and so I think they changed it to default back to off to protect sound for the majority of users. Professional audio users and those that produce events are way more into the advanced settings inside Zoom to fine tune their meetings. So I guess the needs of the few do not outweigh the needs of the many. 


Have you tried running your cameras and microphones through something like OBS Studio?  I am a group music teacher and I use several cameras and two microphones.  If you use OBS Studio, you can switch between cameras/microphones without zoom kicking back to Original Sound OFF.   I knew NOTHING about how to use OBS Studio when I stumbled across it, but with some practice (and lots of YouTube videos), I was able to figure it out and now everything works like a charm!


....although I, am annoyed about having to press the "Original Sound ON" button for every one of my 20 weekly classes. The way it was before allowed us to CHOOSE whether we wanted Zoom to default to Original Sound ON or not.   I still do not understand  why they changed this - the "needs of the many" were not affected by the Original Sound toggle - and the choices of:  1. whether or not to have the toggle appear on the screen  2. Whether or not to choose a microphone for Original Sound to default to. 

Curious how using OBS is working out for you?   I was looking at Prism, too.  Has OBS helped with audio and video issues?    How exactly to you connect OBS feed to Zoom?  Really struggling with that!   Thanks, -Hal



Here's another idea:

Install Zoom 5.11

Solves the problem - for now.  If/when Zoom REQUIRES an update, We'll be fighting with the Original Sound issue again.  

Original Sound toggle shows

Down arrow allows you to choose the microphone to default to Original Sound on

Works like a charm!

Best wishes