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If you have an annual add-on subscription, you cannot add the same add-on product monthly.


If have an annual add-on subscription, cannot additionally subscribe to the same add-on monthly product.

For example, if have an annual subscription of LMR1,000, cannot purchase additional LMR1,000 licenses through the web portal.

Likewise, if have an annual subscription of Webinar 500, cannot purchase additional Webinar 500 licenses through the web portal.

As below account


1. 2 hosts with annual ad1d-on LMR1,000 subscription










2. With a monthly subscription, LMR1,000 does not appear in the selection options, only LMR500 can be selected.



Most of our customers, university clients, have so many departments inside, so they often subscribe, cancel, resubscribe and cancel Add-on LMR or Webinar as a monthly subscription.

Depending on the situation of COVID19, there may be cases where a large lecture has to be urgently conducted online.


However, monthly subscriptions do not have a special order process other than through the web portal, and in many cases, monthly subscriptions cannot be processed properly like this.

Monthly subscriptions are usually requested very urgently, have a lot of big trouble which is a real headache.

This is because the professors of the clients cannot deliver the promised lectures with the students.

It is even more true because there is no other way other than non-face-to-face lectures.


I am still requesting action through our sales channels, but no action has been taken.

What methods or actions could there be?

Has anyone experienced the same situation?