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Can a school make zoom where the teachers doesnt have contact with the students?


We are a school and i want to develop some system where the teachers and students receive the link i created to enter a zoom room so they cant have contact outside zoom (right now the teacher must send the link directly to the student).

Is there any way to do that? And also every teacher needs a zoom account?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello, anyone who hosts a meeting such as teachers should have a Zoom account yes. Id like to know more about your question, without email how does the student know that they are to join a meeting and how are they in contact within Zoom today? Do they work in some kind of virtual classroom to find information about upcoming meetings or through some kind of LMS?


We can invite a Zoom Room into a call today directly without having to notify users on email but students need to be aware of what room to join the meeting in etc. 


Let me know if you can provide additional detail, we would love to hear more.