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Breakout room/class max size


Hi all -- I have a "class" with around 200 participants, and it seems to be too large to set up breakout rooms at all. I create the rooms, but when I try to open them the button doesn't have any effect. Works fine for smaller classes. I can't find anything about this restriction, except that the max number of rooms is 50, but I asked for fewer than 50 rooms.


(Not sure how this will find me, because it's asked for Zoom "company domain"/SSO but not for my email...)


Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hello @ab3336coventry 


You will need to have a support ticket created for Zoom to address this issue. There was a bug back on version 5.2.0 that caused what you are experiencing. The fix is to reach out to Zoom support to enable the breakout rooms to 100 groups feature. I think that the next option would be to reach out to Zoom Support for further analysis and investigation. You can find out more on reaching support here:  I hope this helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed. Thank you.


Thanks. I have opened a ticket with them... but I don't want to enable groups up to 100 -- I need fewer than 50, but it still doesn't work. I will leave it open for now to see if anyone else has a suggestion.


I often use breakout rooms for sessions with 450 in total and generally launch about 35 breakout rooms.  It does take a small amount of time for people to transition across but it does work.  I once had a failure a few months back, but that was my band width not coping, since then it has been fine.  Just ensure your client is up to date and your band width is good.