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Booking Made Easy with Zoom Scheduler

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Met with Angela, during a business review session. Angela and her team are always on the go, juggling multiple projects and collaborating across various platforms. The constant need to switch between scheduling apps and video conferencing tools was taking a toll on their productivity.


After the upgrade (Zoom One Business to Zoom Workplace Business), they had Zoom Scheduler added to the bundle, and it revolutionized their workflow. "The switching of tabs from one platform to another was draining our productivity across the board. Switching between our calendar app and Zoom for every meeting was a nightmare," Angela mentioned. "With Zoom Scheduler, everything is integrated. We can schedule, join, and manage meetings all in one place."


The seamless integration of Zoom Scheduler has transformed how Angela’s team operates. "It's like having a personal assistant that handles all our scheduling needs," Angela shares.

Thanks to Zoom Scheduler, the entire organization has reclaimed valuable time and boosted their productivity. "It's a game-changer for us," Angela says. "No more toggle tax, just smooth, efficient meetings."


Join Angela and her team, along with countless others who have found a smarter way to work with Zoom Scheduler.


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Who doesn't love seamless integrations and increased productivity?! Great story @iambobsat 💙😍

Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

What a great story! This clearly illustrates how amazing Zoom Scheduler is. Resonates with many professionals who struggle with the inefficiencies caused by switching between multiple apps!