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Slow loading when opening web



Hi, i'm from Indonesia.


I use dedicated internet with static IP public. One time I access, it takes a very long time to load. I ping, no problem. After I investigated, it turned out that this was caused by the web using css on a subdomain, namely one of them:


When I open the URL, it doesn't open either. It means that my guess is correct because access to .css is blocked. After I traceroute, it turns out that when I entered the zoom server IP it ran timed out.


The solution from our ISP is to change my connection's public ip. But after 2 weeks later this incident happened again. And this is the third time I have changed the public ip.


From the ISP, they don't know the cause of the blocking of the public IP that I'm using. So, maybe from zoom team can telling me so my ip public dont blocked again.


Please advise and solutions