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Zoom Community Getting Started Guide


Zoom Community Getting Started Guide

We welcome all new users to our Zoom community. Below are helpful tips to get you started in exploring the community, setting up your profile, and beginning to add contributions. We look forward to your success in this community.

Update your profile. You wouldn’t walk into a meeting with a paper bag over your head, right? Your presence online is just as important. Add an avatar image, share any biographical information, and invite others to get to know you! 

Search first. There is a lot of content within this community, and oftentimes, frequently asked questions and answers already exist. Therefore, we encourage you to search the community first to see if your question has already been asked and answered. 





Ask a question. If you don’t see the answer to your question, feel free to ask a new question. Be sure to ask your question in the relevant forum. Be specific in your subject line, as it is most helpful to include a concise title that most closely captures your question. Community peers and subject matter experts will then provide helpful solutions to help you solve your problem.




Collaborate. We love to help our customers here at Zoom, but we also love to see our customers helping each other. 





Build your reputation. As you contribute to the community, various activities that you participate in will award you with points. The more points you receive, the higher you will rank on our leaderboards. We are excited to celebrate our community members because YOU are what help to make the Zoom community a helpful, safe, and fun environment!




Zoom Community Team
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