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Mark An Accepted Solution

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Have you received help from a community member? If so, don’t forget to mark their reply as a solution 


By marking a reply as a solution, you are helping fellow community members find an answer to a question that they may also have. Accepting a reply as a solution provides confirmation to your fellow community members that their reply was helpful! Also, you can accept more than one reply as a solution 😎


To mark a reply as a solution 👇

  • Navigate to the appropriate discussion post
  • Scroll to the reply or replies you thought were most helpful
  • Select Accept as Solution

Accept as solution.png

Bonus: The more accepted solutions a user has will increase their likelihood of appearing on our Happy Leaders board 😎


Furthermore, you can filter discussion posts to include only those with an accepted solution by utilizing the Solved tab. 


Solved tab.png


Plus, if you are searching for a solution to a problem you are encountering, community posts that have already been solved will have a green checkmark next to them. 


Accepted solution example.png


Note: Please do not abuse our Happy Rewards program by performing activities that would inaccurately boost your points, the retrieval of badges, and/or your leaderboard ranking. We ask that you only mark a solution as the accepted solution if it has truly helped resolve your inquiry.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Bri 


A great reminder! Thank you.


For anyone who hasn't received an answer or a solution to their question, is there a good way for them to "bump" their question up the list again - to try to get a solution?


Thanks again,





Hi @Rupert ,


This is a really great question. At this time, the current functionality available in the community does not allow for a post that remains unanswered to be pushed to the top of the 'Unanswered' filtered feed. This specific filtered section of the feed (unanswered) is purely based off of timestamp from when the discussion was originally published. In other terms, this feed will show discussions that currently have a state of "unanswered" in the chronological order that the post was originally published.


I will take note of this though, and I welcome any feedback for desired community platform functionality related to this question.


Thank you 🙂


May I add agreement with @Rupert that a "pop to top" feature is needed if an unanswered question on this forum is buried, unanswered, under newer requests for help.