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zoom was charged from my account but I don't have zoom pro


I have a problem with zoom, they have charged more than 20 dollars from my account but I still don't have zoom pro, I also agreed to a promo to pay 7.5 dollars for 4 months, but it deactivated after a few days, and now they charged me of 23.56 dollars in vain from my paypal account


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @3019818409 I would suggest reaching out to our Zoom billing support as they do not monitor the community. You can create a ticket here


After purchasing new licenses from the Zoom Sales team or from the Billing page, you will need to assign them to users. Licenses can be assigned one at a time or in bulk. Licenses of the same type, such as Webinar and Large Meeting, do not compound or stack when multiple of the same type are assigned to a user. 


Also suggest looking into the KB on Applying discounts on a Zoom account

Zoom Community Moderator

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